The Trails at the U.S. Forest Service Nebraska National Forest, Bessey Ranger District near Halsey are OPEN! 

Deer rifle season at the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey, McKelevie National Forest and Pine Ridge is November 15 thru 23. While the trails will be open to riders AND hunters - the Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association ADVISES recreational riders to stay away from these areas unless you are there to hunt during this time.

Thousands of hunters head to Nebraska National Forest lands to enjoy the deer hunting season. Don't be mistaken for a deer and place yourself as a potential target - just visit the area to ride the trails another time OTHER THAN during the fall firearm hunting season!

This site is under construction, please check back for updates!  We will be offering maps, trail information and details about local businesses.

What the Halsey Trails Club is all about -

The HTC is a chapter of the Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association.  The chapter consists of grass roots trail user NOHVA members who desire to improve trail access, improve trail conditions and  promote understanding among various trail users at the Nebraska National Forest, Bessey Ranger District near Halsey.

In addition to our trail user education efforts, HTC plans to organize trail users to help with maintenance of trails and trail planning at Bessey. 

The HTC is funded by voluntary fee's paid by members of the Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association in order to promote understanding and communication among trail users at Bessey, and to encourage people to become involved in trail maintenance and education of trail users.  

While this video is filmed at a different National Forest, it's principals still apply at our local National Forest   

Questions and Answers, Nebraska National Forest ATV, UTV and Dirtbike Riding Rules and Guidelines -

Can I ride my ATV, UTV or Dirtbike in camp grounds? While in any campgrounds, ATV and dirtbike travel is limited only to and from and your camp site/parking spot and trails. No ATV, UTV or dirtbike travel in main camp ground to restrooms, shower, etc. or "tuning up". NO TRAVEL OR ENGINE NOISE AFTER 10 PM AND BEFORE 8 AM in ALL camp grounds. In the main camp ground, please avoid parking ATVs or dirtbikes on grass or other vegetation.

Where can I ride an ATV, UTVs or Dirtbike? With the exception of the Dismal Trail access road, all gravel and paved roads are closed to ATVs, UTVs and motorcycles that do not have license plates. ATV, UTV and dirtbike travel is prohibited on Circle Road, Natick Road, Gaston Road, road to the Lookout Tower and on FS 277 (trail to the White  tail camp ground)  POSSIBLE FINE $$$ IF USING THESE ROADS.  ATVs and dirtbikes on ATV trails, no UTVs.  ATVs wider than 52 inches wide are prohibited for use on Forest Service ATV trails. UTVs are prohibited for use on all ATV trails.

My ATV or UTV has a license plate from another state and is legal there.  Can I ride on the roads and trails in Nebraska?  ATVs and UTVs licensed and plated in other states are not allowed to ride on the roads in our state. It is against the law to operate an ATV, UTV or off road use only motorcycle in Nebraska for recreation on any road, street or highway.

Can I ride off the trails? RIDERS MUST STAY ON EXISTING TRAILS. MAKING NEW TRAILS IS PROHIBITED!! See the Motor Vehicle use map for trails that are open to you and your type of machine.

What about the exhaust on my ATV or Dirtbike? All ATVs, UTVs, dirtbikes, off-road vehicles MUST HAVE exhausts that prevent fires and must be U.S. Forest Service Approved. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT WITH IMPROPER EXHAUST - YOU WILL BE $$$$ FINED. The muffler, silencer and/or spark arresters must have "U.S. Forest Service Approved" stamped on itís side - no exceptions. Altered silencers with center core removed or in poor or leaky condition are prohibited.

Are there any age restrictions? Riders must be 16 years of age with valid drivers license or be under the direct supervision of responsible adult.

Is a helmet or other safety gear required? Safety gear like good helmet, goggles, over ankle boots, etc., are highly recommended for you and your families protection.

What should I do if I meet a horse rider on the trail? Many horses can be startled by ATVs, UTVs and dirtbikes on the trails and this could cause injury to those on the horse and ATV and dirtbike riders as well. When people riding horses are encountered in trails or roads, pull over, shut off your engine and allow them to pass.

What should I do about gates? Close all gates that you open or find open, and please, no littering! Take your trash with you

I hear there are a lot of people on the trails. What should I do to protect myself? While riding on all trails, stay right to on coming traffic. When approaching other trail users, slow down.

Who do I contact in an emergency? Nearest hospital is 55 miles southeast in Broken Bow. Thedford has sheriff and ambulance. Call 911 for emergency . Cellular phone service is available across the forest. Best reception is on top of hills.

Anything else I should know before I hit the trails? Weather conditions can change quickly, check forecast before riding. It is easy to get lost, be sure to take along a map and compass while riding and NEVER ride alone.  Take water with you and maybe some food in case you break down or become lost.  In the colder months, warm clothing is a must.  Watch for rattle snakes, especially around prairie dog areas.

Who can I contact for more information? Call the Forest Service at 308-533-2257 or stop by main office about Ĺ mile west of main camp ground. Detailed maps are available at the Forest Service office or from this web site.

How can I help support ATV and Dirtbike trails here at the Nebraska National Forest? Follow the above rules and consider joining the Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association (NOHVA) at .

General Information about the Bessey Ranger District of the
Nebraska National Forest near Halsey

Official U. S. Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Map for the
Bessey Ranger District near Halsey

Official U. S. Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use map for the
Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest near Valentine

About the U. S. Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps

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